Cottage, Open Space, Three-room, Two-room

Borgo Antico

Your house in the Mountains of Oneta


  • Garden
  • Porch
  • Balcony
  • Playground
  • Restaurant
  • Parking / Box


In Oneta nice village in the heart of Orobie Alps, only one hour away from Milan rises “BORGO ANTICO”.
Ski resorts nearby and typical Italian restaurants are two of the best advantages of Borgo Antico. The key point is however the lovely and outstanding view you have in front of your eyes during all the day.
Inside this nice residence, you will find different typologies of properties built with local materials like stone or wood.
These properties are all finished and ready to live. Every house has its own entrance, terrace and garden to keep your privacy safe.
In Borgo Antico has recently born Osteria al Borgo Val Seriana, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria which offers typical Bergamo dishes.

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Located in Val del Riso, on the side of the Upper Seriana Valley, near the Colle di Zambla, at an altitude of about 1.200 m, Oneta is an ideal place to have a house in the mountains, in the Bergamo valleys.

Nature trails are the real distinctive feature of this area, being, among other things, suitable for every need and type of training: from a quiet walk to trekking , but also mountain bike trails. Furthermore, during the winter period, you can easily ski in the sorrounding area.

The local culture and traditions, find their space with the sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino, dating back to the sixteenth century, located on the slopes of Mount Alben: an important pilgrimage destination.

These area is ideal for ​​a mountain house, away from urban traffic but also easily accessible from Bergamo and other nearby capitals.




All our housing proposals are easily accessible from the city and are one hour from Milan.



Each location proposed by Dallagrassa is surrounded by nature , A nature to be experienced in all seasons.

Free Time

Free Time

The Bergamo Valleys offer many opportunities for recreation all year round . From sport to culture through relaxation.


Value for money

A quality and modern second home at an affordable price . Dallagrassa’s proposals are a real safe investment.


All the year

The proposed locations are to be experienced all year round, from January to December, in all seasons thanks to the wealth of proposals and possibilities.


...and much more

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