Three-room, Two-room

Balconata Fiorita

Colle di Zambla in the mountains


  • Garden
  • Porch
  • Livable terrace
  • Parking / Box


Balconata Fiorita residence offers a priceless view of the surrounding peaks of the Alben, Arera, Grem and Menna mountains, among the most beautiful peaks of the Bergamo valleys. Some minutes away from the properties you find cross country skiing resorts.
An innovative element of each apartment is a wood stove which, alongside the traditional heating system, will allow you to save considerable energy and money.

Colle di Zambla

Colle di Zambla, located at 1264 m a.s.l., represents a mountain passo in the Orobic Prealps, in Bergamo, which connects Val Serina with Val del Riso, in the towns of Oltre il Colle and Oneta. The Passo is the only passage between those Bergamo valleys.
It’s a desired destination during the weekend and the summertime, especially for bikers and cyclists. Near the Passo you find bars, restaurants, an adventure park and a horse riding. It’s also the starting point for lots of trekking trips and mountain bike: from here start routes for mount Alben, mount Grem and mount Arera (characterized by the famous flowers trail and twins’ lakes). During winter you can practice cross-country skiing in the surrounding pinewoods.




All our housing proposals are easily accessible from the city and are one hour from Milan.



Each location proposed by Dallagrassa is surrounded by nature , A nature to be experienced in all seasons.

Free Time

Free Time

The Bergamo Valleys offer many opportunities for recreation all year round . From sport to culture through relaxation.


Value for money

A quality and modern second home at an affordable price . Dallagrassa’s proposals are a real safe investment.


All the year

The proposed locations are to be experienced all year round, from January to December, in all seasons thanks to the wealth of proposals and possibilities.


...and much more

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