Spinone al Lago

Those looking for a quiet and charming town, in which relax from the daily grind, in the majesty of nature, will find in Spinone al Lago the answer to their search for a lake house. Overlooking Endine lake, the town is a well-known tourist destination for its cool summers and warm winters, which it benefits from thanks to the effects of the lake.

The village offers a wonderful landscape to those who own a lake house here, and it’s the starting point for numerous paths that lead to the surrounding mountains. Spinone is also located not far from Iseo lake and Trescore Balneario, a famous thermal town.

During winter Endine lake is covered by a layer of ice which, despite the ban on driving, makes the landscape extremely fascinating. The strategic position of Spinone allows you to reach the ski slopes of Montecampione or Ponte di Legno in a short distance.

Lovers of nightlife will find numerous clubs on the lake or in the nearby valleys where they can spend evenings with friends. There are also shops and a shopping mall close to our lake houses.