If you’re looking for a holiday house in a quiet mountain area without giving up to fun and relax, Serina valley is exactly your place.

Inside close Bergamo Orobie Park, during summertime Serina Valley, provides peace in every part of it thanks to an extraordinary autochthonous nature.

Zambla ski resort lets you ski between nice panoramas and spruces with also the possibility to enjoy cross-country ski and ice skating.

Most famous mount is pizzo Arera which is the queen of the valley. It’s very appreciated from alpinists and climbers. Going east you find mount Grem, while in north-east Corna Piana with its precious Branchino lake. In south-east mount Alben with its mountain refugees.

There are many activities that attract tourists to the town of Oltre il Colle, including guided tours, Nordic walking courses, cineforums and concerts. Children and teenagers can have fun outdoor, thanks to climbing courses and organized walks, but they also have the opportunity to have fun with a series of entertainment shows.