Endine Lake

Endine lake is only an hour far from Milan. A property by Endine lake means to enjoy of an
uncontaminated environment. It also means to relax yourself on the lake shore, to wake up at dawn to fish or to have fun thanks to many activities sponsored by local government. You can rent a pedal boat a canoe or a boat to have a relaxing day by the lake. During summer, It’s also nice to have lunch by the lake shore inside one of the famous restaurants of Endine lake. The area is also known for particular churches, sanctuaries, museums and castles (especially the famous medieval castle of Bianzano).
This valley has one of the lowest urbanization rate compared to the others and there are a lot of bicycle and pedestrian path (protected by WWF). By the lake you find also ice cream-shop, markets, pharmacies and clothes shops.
Those who prefer to relax without giving up the nightlife, will be satisfied by the closeness to numerous clubs which allow you to enjoy the evening.