Four-room, Three-room, Villa

Garda Lakesury


  • Livable terrace
  • Garden
  • Solarium
  • Pool
  • Lift
  • Photovoltaic
  • Parking / Box
  • Strategic position
  • Climate control


Discover Garda Lakesury Residence, an excellent living opportunity located in Desenzano del Garda on Lake Garda. With a prime location offering the chance to enjoy all the typical lake activities, this residence represents the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and sustainability. Here’s what makes Garda Lakesury Residence truly unique:

Located in Desenzano del Garda on Lake Garda, Garda Lakesury Residence offers the opportunity to enjoy all the typical lake activities, from sailing to swimming to boat trips, ensuring an unparalleled living experience.

Convenient Area Near the Train Station and Airport

Situated in a convenient area near the train station, Garda Lakesury Residence offers easy access to public transportation, ensuring quick and easy connections to major destinations in Italy. Moreover, there are three airports nearby.


The residence is just a few steps away from the “Le Vele” shopping center and all major services, ensuring a hassle-free shopping and living experience with convenient daily solutions.

Prestigious Residence

Garda Lakesury Residence means prestige. It offers a range of two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and villa properties designed to meet any style and comfort requirement.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy moments of relax and fun in the residence’s private swimming pool, the ideal place to unwind and socialize.

Modern and Contemporary Design

Modern and contemporary design characterizes the living spaces of Garda Lakesury Residence, offering a luxurious and refined living experience.

Energy Class A4

The residence is designed with sustainability in mind, with an A4 energy class that ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption and a lower environmental impact. Equipped with all green features, such as heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, boiler and underfloor heating, Garda Lakesury Residence is at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

Large Livable Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy outdoor living with spacious terraces or private gardens, offering perfectly livable outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Prestigious finishes with customization options will make your outdoor space a tailor-made luxury oasis for you.

Apartment Features

The apartments at Garda Lakesury Residence offer superior quality, with porcelain stoneware floors, aluminum fixtures, electric shutters, air conditioning preparation, and a videophone system.

Living here means enjoying timeless elegance in an environment designed for maximum comfort and the highest quality of life.

Desenzano del Garda

Located on the shores of Lake Garda, Desenzano del Garda is a charming destination that offers a unique combination of natural beauty, history, and modern activities. Here’s a complete overview of the main activities, reasons to purchase property here, and sports available in the area:

Main Activities:

  1. Explore the Historic Center: Take a stroll through the fascinating streets of the historic center, rich in characteristic shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  2. Visit Historic Sites: Discover the history by visiting places like the Roman Villa and the Rocca di Desenzano.
  3. Relax on the Beaches: Enjoy the sun and relaxation on the beautiful beaches along Lake Garda.
  4. Boating on the Lake: Take a boat or ferry to explore Lake Garda and visit nearby towns.
  5. Lively Nightlife: Desenzano del Garda offers a lively nightlife with bars, pubs, and clubs that come alive especially during the summer.
  6. Shopping: Shop among chic stores and local boutiques.

Why Buy Property Here:

  1. Enchanting Location: Desenzano del Garda enjoys an exceptional location, overlooking Lake Garda, offering breathtaking landscapes and a favorable climate.
  2. Safe Investment: Real estate in Desenzano del Garda is a secure investment due to the high demand for holiday homes and tourist rentals.
  3. Quality of Life: Relaxation, natural beauty, and a lively local community make Desenzano del Garda an ideal place to settle down or for a holiday home.
  4. Well-Developed Infrastructure: The city offers excellent infrastructure, including efficient public transportation, hospitals, schools, and shops.
  5. Close Proximity to Milan and Verona: Desenzano del Garda is strategically located near important cities such as Milan and Verona, ensuring easy access to services and job opportunities.

Sports and Recreational Activities:

  1. Sailing and Windsurfing: Thanks to the constant lake breezes, Desenzano is an ideal place for sailing and windsurfing.
  2. Bicycle Excursions: Explore the surrounding area by bike, with a network of cycle paths that extend along the lake shores and through the hills.
  3. Trekking and Excursions: Enjoy nature by hiking along the scenic trails surrounding Desenzano del Garda.
  4. Golf: For golf enthusiasts, there are numerous golf courses in the surrounding area.
  5. Tennis: Several tennis courts are available for lovers of this sport.
  6. Swimming and Beach Volleyball: Lake Garda’s beaches offer opportunities for swimming and playing beach volleyball.
  7. Motorcycle or Car Tours: Explore the beauty of the region with exciting motorcycle or car tours.


Desenzano del Garda is a unique destination that offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, fascinating history, modern life, and a wide range of sports activities. Purchasing property here not only offers a secure investment but also the chance to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in one of the most charming locations on Lake Garda.




All our housing proposals are easily accessible from the city and are one hour from Milan.



Each location proposed by Dallagrassa is surrounded by nature , A nature to be experienced in all seasons.

Free Time

Free Time

The Bergamo Valleys offer many opportunities for recreation all year round . From sport to culture through relaxation.


Value for money

A quality and modern second home at an affordable price . Dallagrassa’s proposals are a real safe investment.


All the year

The proposed locations are to be experienced all year round, from January to December, in all seasons thanks to the wealth of proposals and possibilities.


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