Il Pettirosso

Your house in the Mountains of Sant'Omobono Terme


  • Garden
  • Balcony
  • Parking / Box
  • On 2 floors
  • Wooden ceilings


“Pettirosso” residence is a small complex set in a beautiful panoramic setting consisting of only seven residential units, each of which is excellently finished and equipped with its own gardens or large balconies.
The proximity to the town’s services and the possibility of walk excursions or mountain bike surrounded by nature make this residence suitable for all needs.

Sant'Omobono Terme

Sant’Omobono Terme, capital of the Imagna Valley, is a perfect town for those looking for a quiet place, where to regain energy and stay in contact with nature.
This town is famous for its renowned spas. Known since 1772, they are still a destination for people with specific needs or who want to relax in the charming scenario of Villa delle Ortensie. Art Nouveau style building of nineteenth century offers numerous services for the whole family, including inhalation treatments, mud therapy and a beauty farm. This is the best place for those who want to release tension and remedy the damage to the polluted air we breathe every day.
Sant’Omobono isn’t only SPA. Imagna Valley is an ideal setting for walks immersed in nature. From quiet outings suitable for the whole family, to more challenging routes, the Valley will satisfy the needs of all tourists. In winter, you can reach the nearby cross-country skiing resorts of Costa d’Imagna. Snowshoeing is very popular, when the snow covers the wonderful landscape. Once home, you can find numerous bars, restaurants and shops.

If you are looking for places that transmit the local culture, the town is located into a historical valley. The development that took place in the Middle Ages is testified by the 12th century churches: The Rotonda of San Tomè and the church of San Giorgio in Lemine. This artistic side of the valley is a precious testimony of Bergamo’s Romanesque art and it’s still visited by pilgrims and tourists. Another artwork is the Sanctuary of Madonna del Castello (a wonderful sixteenth-century church) and the sanctuary of Cornabusa (a church obtained from a cave, reachable after a suggestive walk).




All our housing proposals are easily accessible from the city and are one hour from Milan.



Each location proposed by Dallagrassa is surrounded by nature , A nature to be experienced in all seasons.

Free Time

Free Time

The Bergamo Valleys offer many opportunities for recreation all year round . From sport to culture through relaxation.


Value for money

A quality and modern second home at an affordable price . Dallagrassa’s proposals are a real safe investment.


All the year

The proposed locations are to be experienced all year round, from January to December, in all seasons thanks to the wealth of proposals and possibilities.


...and much more

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