Riva di Solto

Riva di Solto is a town overlooking the Bergamo shore of Lake Iseo, which has become famous all over the world thanks to the work The Floating Piers by the artist Christo. An ideal place for a second lake house.

Here you can try your hand at many water sports, from boating to swimming, from windsurfing to sailing, from diving to fun with canoes and kayaks. All around, you can find trails for mountain biking and trekking, such as the Antica Strada Valeriana. You can discover beautiful nature reserves, where you can climb or visit the ravines: vertical walls overlooking the water. If you are a lover of territories discovery, you can visit the ancient villages of Iseo and Pisogne or also Lovere, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
The Stone Pyramids of Zone and the interesting surroundings, (Franciacorta wine cellars and the rock engravings of Val Camonica) are one of the greatest part of the territory.
Finally, you can relax by enjoying the local cuisine, the excellent coastal oil and local wines, or by participating in the numerous entertainment and musical events.

Your only concern will be to be able to do everything once you have realized the dream of a lake house!